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"For many years I had envisaged to travel the ancient Silk Road, but time and circumstances did not allow me to carry out my plans. When finally this year I started planning, I was very quickly confronted with the critical choice to select the right travel company.

UzbekistanI intended to travel alone, focusing on history and culture of the Silk Road, the customs and traditions of the many ethnic groups along the way, the reminders of pre-Islamic religions as well as gaining a better understanding of the current situation and living conditions of the post soviet Central Asian societies. It became quickly apparent that most of the better known tour operators specializing in Silk Road or Central Asia travels did not meet my expectations: Most packaged tours imposed a high-speed 5-15 days forced route with little free time as well as the usual constraints of travelling in groups. Some of the places I wanted to visit were off the trodden routes and of no interest to these companies; last but not least, the services and fees quoted were rather expensive. In some cases, a fee was requested just to establish a proposal. The general feedback indicated that these companies are not interested or not geared for dealing with "non standard " single traveler needs.

Kyrgyzstan However, when frustration started to set in, I came across the internet site of the "Nomad's Dream Travel Company" from Kyrgyzstan and its enthusiastic and energetic Director, Sergey Gluhoverov. Nomad's Dream is a very young company and displayed a high degree of enthusiasm and willingness to take customers request at heart: When I exposed my ideas and expectations, I received in a few days a very solid and detailed proposal with routes, dates, descriptions and new suggestions. After several back and forth email exchanges, Nomad Dream had designed a 4 week trip through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, an excursion to Tajikistan and finally Xinxiang Region in China. It included all those sites I was interested in and some I had not thought about, an excellent choice of places, hotels, guesthouses, cultural activities I was delighted with. In each location they provided the transport, English or German speaking guides of good companionship and knowledge as well as the necessary documentation for obtaining visa and other formalities.


Having done my share of travelling, I fully expected the occasional glitch or misunderstanding, but truth is that throughout these 4 weeks, all the logistics from flight tickets, bookings, visits, hospitality, have been simply outstanding without a single incident whatsoever. Even when the situation in the Fergana valley during my visit in Kyrgyzstan (state of emergency declared by the authorities) needed quick reroute to Bishkek, this was organized efficiently and without any hiccup.


I have been very impressed with the Nomad's Dream team, their friendliness, their knowledge and commitment throughout my voyage; I am very grateful for this unforgettable experience in all the countries and places I had the privilege to visit.

I can recommend Nomad's Dream travel company without any restriction to anyone who wants to travel throughout Central Asia."

Joachim von der Lahr







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