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Borders in Kyrgyzstan

Borders in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan borders with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan to the west, south-west, Tajikistan to the south-east China, and occupies the western half of the Tien Shan and a small portion of Pamira.Na 900 km from west to east and 410 km from north stretch of land to the south of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan, a picturesque mountainous region. The country lies roughly between 39 degrees and 43 degrees north latitude and between 69 degrees and 80 degrees east longitude. The total area of ​​198.5 thousand square meters. miles. The height of the territory lies in the range between 394 m and 7439 m above sea level. The average altitude of more than 2000 meters, nearly 90% of the area lies above 1500 m is mainly mountainous terrain of Kyrgyzstan. Most of the territory occupied by the mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan, of which there are 86. The ridges are separated by intermontane basins and basins.
The most significant of them: Chui, Issyk-Kul, Fergana, Talas, Suusamyr, Naryn, At-Bashi, Aksai-Arpinskaya, Ketmentebinskaya. In the eastern part of Inner Tien Shan mountain ranges between the gentle slopes raspolagyutsya weakly undulated plains, called Syrt. Kyrgyzstan's highest peaks are Pobeda Peak (7439m), Lenin Peak (7,134 m), Mount Khan-Tengri (Kan-Tenir) (6995), Friendship Peak (6800 m). The territory of Kyrgyzstan has a large number of glaciers. Glaciers occupy 4.2% of the territory of Kyrgyzstan. They are located in the highest parts of the mountains, not below 2850 -2900 meters above the forest and alpine meadows. The largest glaciers are Enylchek, Kayyndy, Korzeniowski, Mushketov Semenova, Petrov. Melting glaciers and mountain snows, and gives rise to power a variety of mountain rivers of Kyrgyzstan. The major rivers of Kyrgyzstan are: Naryn, Kara, Chatkal, Kyzyl-Suu (west), the Chu, Talas, Sary-Jaz. Naryn River, merging with the river Kara, form the second largest river in Central Asia, the Syr Darya. Almost all the rivers of Kyrgyzstan are deep from April to September, due to the melting of glaciers in the mountains. In Kyrgyzstan, there are 1923 lakes. Most of the lakes are located in a mountainous area at an altitude of 3-4 thousand meters above sea level. The largest lakes are: Lake Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul, Chater-Kul.



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