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Fauna of Kyrgyzstan

Fauna of Kyrgyzstan

Fauna of Kyrgyzstan has about 500 species of vertebrates and more than 3,000 species of insects. In Kyrgyzstan there are inhabitants of the deserts and forests, plains and mountains, steppes and meadows. In Kyrgyzstan, home to 60 species of dragonflies, 86 species of butterflies, 86 species of ants, 33 species of bees, 250 species of cicadas. In reservoirs of Kyrgyzstan lives 49 species of fish. In Lake Issyk-Kul usual rudd, carp, carp, trout savanskaya, Marina, osman, bream, tench, perch, whitefish, crucian carp. In the various reservoirs and rivers are home to carp, crucian carp, barbel, pike, Marina and other fish species. In the mountain-trout rivers. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan, home to 25 species of reptiles, turtles, lizards, snakes. Birds in Kyrgyzstan are 335 species. In various areas of Kyrgyzstan can find pheasants, gray heron, waxwing, three-toed woodpecker, owl, gull, red-winged flamingos and other birds. On the ice-lake Issyk-Kul winter swans, whooper swans, gray geese, pelicans, pink and curly.

In Kyrgyzstan there are such rare birds as Balaban, white stork, golden eagle, bearded vulture, bustard, demoiselle, serpent eagle, white-tailed eagle, steppe eagle, black stork and others in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, home to 83 species of mammals. Argali, bear, deer can be found in the spruce forests of the Tien Shan in the mountain valleys of the Ak-Sai, Arpa, Suusamyr. The ridges and valleys - habitat fox, wolf, badger, weasel, weasel, stone marten. In Kyrgyzstan, home to snow leopards, wild boar, roe deer, Siberian goat, porcupine, hedgehog, hare, marmots, etc. andatra rare animals such as gazelle, gray wolf, red deer, snow leopard, Central Asian otter, marmot marmot, Turkestan lynx, Tien Shan brown bear, Tien Shan mountain sheep (argali) and others, are under protection.
Some animals listed in the Kyrgyzstan's Red Book Mezhunarodnogo Conservation Union. These animals are the snow leopard, marmot marmot, gazelle, red wolf, gray lizard. In order to protect plant and animal life in Kyrgyzstan established reserves, natural parks and reserves, such as: Issyk-Kul, Sary Chelek, Besh-Aral, Naryn, Karatal-Zhapyryksky, Sarychat-Ertash, Padysha-Ata. - many kinds of trekking tours.           - horse riding in Kyrgyzstan. - Silk Road along Kyrgyzstan. - Great Silk road tour around Central Asia. - tours in Cenral Asia and Kyrgyzstan.             


We have our cultural tours on and active tours on For historians we usually suggest that have partnership with universities. For family tours you can look at or also good family tours on Take your chance to have great time in Kyrgyzstan!      

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