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Guide book

Guide book

David Peytray traveled in Kyrgyzstan first time in 2004 year. During his travel he fell in love with Kyrgyzstan and decided to come back one more time. He traveled in Kyrgyzstan again in 2007 year. This time he had a long journey with trekking and horse riding. During his travel in Kyrgyzstan he lived with nomads trying to find out everything about their traditions and customs.     

Last spring he started to write his book «Kyrgyzstan Travel». In that book he tries to tell everything about Kyrgyzstan and travel in this magic country. «Kyrgyzstan Travel» will be published in 2009 year. The author wants to translate «Kyrgyzstan Travel» book in 2 more languages. «Kyrgyzstan Travel» will be translated also in German and French.

Why «Kyrgyzstan Travel» is a useful book for you?

- «Kyrgyzstan Travel» says about ancient and modern way of nomadic life.

- It includes all facts about about geography of Kyrgyzstan.

- You can find in «Kyrgyzstan Travel» useful information about prices in Kyrgyzstan.

- Also it is possible to find out about laws that exist in Kyrgyzstan.

- There are many addresses of guesthouses that you can use during your travel.

- «Kyrgyzstan Travel» is a good guide book for independent travelers.

- There are also many advices to have a save and non-expensive travel in Kyrgyzstan.

Beside all that advantages «Kyrgyzstan Travel» will give you an opportunity to find some places in Kyrgyzstan that are realy used by tourists. In this way you will have a chance to enjoy untouched nature by you own and to have an unforgettable travel!

"KYRGYZSTAN TRAVEL" consists of 7 parts:

Kyrgyzstan and it's History.

At this part you will read about the whole history of Kyrgyzstan from the 8 century B.C. You will find many amassing facts that will make your travel much more interesting. 

Kyrgyzstan, Geography.

This part is devoted to geography of Kyrgyzstan. David Pay describes many places that are worth to be visited. Also you will find many important information about altitudes of Kyrgyzstan

Flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan.

Here is written many interesting articles about animal world of Kyrgyzstan. It will be very interesting to have all that inscriptions during your travel.

Travel in Kyrgyzstan.

The author explains why he fell in love with Kyrgyzstan and what attracts him here most of all.

Travel in Kyrgyzstan - Accommodation and Transportation.

It is not difficult to have a calm travel in Kyrgyzstan. David will share with you his own experience with hotels and transport that you can use in Kyrgyzstan.

If you are interested in Kyrgyzstan and its interesting facts - you can also find here a lot of useful information about yurta, bride napping, horses, fermented milk, eagle huntings, our lake, felt, balbal, rivers, strange lake, painted stones, burana, stone castle, mountains, silk way, the hallows, palace, nomadic dwellings, Kyrgyz horse, national drink, eagles, biggest lakehandcraft, warriors, Kyrgyzstan rivers, unusual lakepatterns on stones, ancient tower, hidden place in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan: advices that can help to have an excellent travel.

There is a lot of information about Kyrgyz home, dwellings, Kyrgyz bride and brides, horses, horses in Kyrgyzstan, their life in Kyrgyzstan, nomadic milk, eagles in Kyrgyzstan and amazing lake

Kyrgyzstan is quit different place from all others in the world. That is why you will need some advices in order to understand the way of thinking of local people.

Different kinds of Travel in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan has many kinds of activities for tourists. You can have cultural tours here, trekking, horse riding, rafting and many many other things. More information you will find in the book «Kyrgyzstan Travel». There are many good advises for future travelers. 

The book «Kyrgyzstan Travel» is for all kind of tourists. Everyone will find something useful for him to travel here. You can get acquainted with nomad's life to make your travel more impressive and unforgettable! «Kyrgyzstan Travel» consisits of many parts to make everything easy for you and for your travel in Kyrgyzstan!


«Kyrgyzstan travel» is your friend in traveling. Your guide in Kyrgyzstan, and support for all adventures! (another book you can find here)


Take «Kyrgyzstan Travel» book with you or read it before coming in Kyrgyzstan. «Kyrgyzstan Travel» will open your eyes on many things. Kyrgyzstan is the country of nomads. If you want to know more about nomads from Kyrgyzstan David can help you. His book «Kyrgyzstan Travel» has everything that you need for your travel.

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