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Kyrgyz culture

Kyrgyz culture

Kyrgyzstan culture - a nomadic life, based on a tribal alliance, rich in tradition. The ancestors of the ancient Kyrgyz people were nomadic cattle one of the Turkic peoples of ancient times living on the territory of Central Asia and southern Siberia in the upper reaches of the Yenisei. During the rise of the Turkic-speaking tribes of Yenisei Kirghiz, mastered their ancient enemies, the Uighurs, Kirghiz created Khanate, whose expansion is extended to the territory of the Altai, the Irtysh, Tuva and Eastern Sayan. After the Mongol Empire Altai Kirghiz were absorbed by it, but during the collapse of the Mongol ancestors of the modern Kyrgyz people had migrated to the Tien Shan in the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan.
In the nomadic and semi-periods of the main dwelling was a portable tent, which held the whole life of a nomad. The wooden construction and felt covering of the yurt for centuries by nomads improved, and she quickly and easily disassembled into separate components, convenient to transport and just as quickly going compact. On journeys to the nomad tent and all its contents in the usual manner navyuchivalas a camel, horse or yak. When installing it stretched around the sliding lattice walls (kerege), consisting of individual units (rope) on the medium-sized tent parted 5.6 cable, a large - 8-12. Going to folding door frame (barefoot), which is hinged double door (kaalga). The diameter of the circumference of the yurt average of about 5 m, height - in the range 3 - 3.5 m spherical part of the yurt form honed poles (uuk). Curved end they are attached to the top of kerege parted, the other - rest on the rim of the hole (tunduk). From the outside kerege cover mat, woven from the stalks ences. The skeleton of the yurt is covered with dense felt, ground floor - pieces of leather, woven carpets, fur and felt carpets. Lattice walls hung with a strictly defined order of different kinds of bags and bags that store utensils, clothing.
In the deployment environment and resettlement of the family members stick to the Kirghiz age-old traditions. In the middle of the tent provides space for a hearth (kolomto), which heats the entire room. The living space is divided into four parts. Place in front of the tent (Torr) - the most honorable. Here are the guests and the older men of the family. Here on the chests constructed pile of blankets, rugs, fur clothing. To the right of exit - the female half (epchi jak) that stores food, utensils, left - the male half (er jak), where once hung at the entrance of supplies stockbreeding farms, horse and hunting equipment. Tent was covered with a cotton wick and oil, poured into a cast-iron or clay lamp (chyrak). His set usually on a carved wooden stand, leaving the sharp end into the ground.


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