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Kyrgyzstan and trekking

Kyrgyzstan and trekking

Kyrgyzstan tour: Trekking 2001
Date: Kyrgyzstan
Tour type: Trekking Tour
Tour: 14 days

Day 1: Arrival to "Manas" airport. Transfer to Bishkek. After placement of the hotel you will have to strengthen the morning and rest. After this, you will tour. Dinner and night organized by the hotel.
Day 2: On the first day of our trekking, we will drive to Karakol valley, and then tour. Trekking around 16 km. Lunch will be served on the street. During the trekking you will see Balbals and shrines. Dinner and overnight in tents or yurts organized.
Day 3: In the morning you have breakfast. Go sightseeing tour and you will be "fire-Tash camp.
Day 4: In the morning you have a trip to the camp 3, and. "Genghis Khan Way" Organized Dinner and overnight in yurts or tents.
Day 5: After breakfast, trekking tours in the village Kapoor. Lunch will be served on the street. At this point, your stay at the guest house where you can learn more about the lives of local people. Dinner and overnight at the guest house is organized.
Day 6: In the morning you have breakfast. Trekking in "Son-Kul lake, and you're on a night in the village of Kyzyl-Oi. Lunch will be served on the street. In this village, you will stay in touch and learning the life of a local farmer. Dinner and overnight in hotel.
Day 7: Trekking to Son-Kul Lake. Upon arrival at the apartment yurts. After lunch, familiarity with the life of nomads. Dinner and overnight in yurts organized.
Day 8: In the morning you have breakfast. Trekking around 20 km., Along the southern coast, on the river Son-Kulka. Dinner and overnight in yurts organized.
Day 9: Trekking tour of about 20 km along the north shore .. Lunch will be served on the street.
Day 10: In the morning you have breakfast. Do you have free time at Son-Kul Lake. Will be trekking along scenic. Dinner and overnight in yurts organized.
Day 13: On the last day of our trekking we will drive to Bishkek, about 300 km. Accommodation at the hotel. After lunch, you will see a wonderful concert of folklore.
Day 14: In the morning your guide will pick you up at the airport, depending on departure time of your data.

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Minerals. Industrial importance are tin, mercury, antimony, rare metal and polymetallic deposits, known deposits of pyrite, sedimentary iron ore, molybdenum-vanadium found mineralization, there are deposits of oil and gas, and coal. Deposits of rock salt, gypsum, kaolin and bentonite clay, glass sand, building materials, as well as underground water, there are numerous thermal and mineral springs.
Oil and gas. The deposits of oil, condensate and natural gas are located in the Fergana oil and gas field. There are several oil and gas fields, including Oil - East Izbaskentskoe, Changyr-Tash, Karagachskoe, Togap-Beshkent, oil and gas - Maili-Suu-IV, Izbaskentskoe, Maili-Suu-III, North-Rishtan, gas - the Kyzyl-Almaskoe, Suzak, Chigirchikskoe, Sarah-Kamyshskoe, Sarah-Tokskoe, gas condensate - North Karakchikumskoe.
 Stocks of most of the fields are small. The main oil reserves are confined to the sediments of the Paleogene and gas - to the rocks of the Jurassic and Cretaceous. Oil is mainly light, low-sulfur, paraffinic, vysokosmolistye with a high content of light fractions.
 Gaza Fergana basin are divided into dry and greasy. For dry gases are free of Cretaceous and Jurassic deposits of fat - soluble gases Paleogene oil deposits.
Coal. In Kyrgyzstan, for about half of the reserves of brown coal and stone coal of the Central Asian province. There are about 45 coal deposits (South Fergana, Uzgen, or East Fergana, Kavak, Issyk-Kul and Alai coal areas). The total geological reserves of coal in the Kyrgyz Republic is estimated at 28.3 billion tons, of which 2.3 billion tons - proved, 26 billion tons - looking to meet modern demands of industry. For groups of brands reserves are distributed as follows: brown, energy - 18% low-grade metamorphic rock, energy - 70% stone coking, processing - 9%, high-grade metamorphic rock, power - 1%, poluantratsity and anthracite, technology - 2 %.

Oil shales are known in the Paleozoic sediments in the vicinity of coal deposits Sulukta, Kok-Jangak and Kargashanskoe. Found only in the form of thin, neprotyazhennyh lenses and are characterized by high ash content, so have no practical importance.


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