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Kyrgyzstan holidays » Nooruz, Kyrgyzstan

Nooruz, Kyrgyzstan

Noorus is the favourite holiday of the Muslim people in Kyrgyzstan.  Many centuries ago the roots of this holiday were established. Noorus lasts two weeks (it is the longest holiday in the East). The first day of Noorus is on the 21st of March. This day is the first day of New Year for Muslim people. As the old story tell us, during Noorus people usually stopped fighting forgave each other, and opened their hearts to kind, pure and good feeling.

This holiday of spring is a family holiday, a holiday of getting together. The purpose of Noorus is to show respect toward the older members of the family.

All the people dress in their best clothes. Almost every family cooks "Noorus Kodgi", a soup* of meat and milk. Parens give gifts to their children, close friend and to each other. Rich people usually give money, clothes and food to poor people.

In the evening (especially in the villages) it is tradition to get the fire going and then to jump over it. Jumping over the fire is seen as helpful to the heart and mind. Noorus is also a holiday of the prayers. In the old days people usually prayed for good crops, good luck, health, peace and happiness.

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