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Places to visit » Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek city is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It is a young city with an unusual history.


Kyrgyz people were nomads for many years, it means that in summer they were in mountains and in the winter they lived in the valley. In summer time many other nations and tribes were coming to the Chui valley. They were surprised that nobody lived in such a good place and usually they built fortresses and cities there. In winter Kyrgyz were coming back and every time they had to fight for their land.


In 1825 year Uzbeks came in the territory of Kyrgyzstan and built many fortresses. On of them was at the place of modern city. For many years Kyrgyz could not capture the fortress and paid high taxes. At last in 1860 they manage to destroy they Uzbek fortress. It was made by Solto tribe with their ruler Baitik Kanaev (you still can see his grave not far from Bishkek). Kyrgyz were glad that they had got rid of Uzbek people and went to mountains again... And Uzbek people came back and built a better fortress...


In 1862 Kyrgyz people understood that it would be difficult for them to fight against Uzbek alone. That is why they called Russian solders from Verniy city (Almata, Kazakhstan) and made an agreement to share the land with them in case of victory. At that time the fortress was destroyed completely. And some Russians started to live in the valley. During first ten years they were only 6 Kyrgyz in they city, because they continued their nomadic life style.

In 1878 year Bishkek city was just 5 sq kilometers. Step by step Kyrgyz started to settle around the city. At that time it was a flat step without any trees. People understood that they needed trees in order to have fresh air, shadows, material for building houses. That is why they brought different kinds of trees from other countries to find out which one is the best of Bishkek city.


In 1890 year they planted trees at the place of modern Duboviy Park (Oak Park). It was an experimental park and the time showed that oak was the best tree for Chui valley. And these trees were planted everywhere. You can visit even nowadays this beautiful park that is situated in the heart of Bishkek city. In Soviet time the city was not as a flat step any more. It was a green city. People called it as a park-city. Actually it was one of the greenest cities in the whole Central Asia.


Nowadays Bishkek is a modern city with many museums, parks, restaurants, clubs, etc. As any capital from the world - Bishkek is quite different from other Kyrgyz cities. That is why you can enjoy visiting different cities of Kyrgyzstan that are different from each other.


We can suggest you to visit Historical museum to find out history of tribes and nations who lived in different times on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Also you can visit the Museum of Art.

There are many pictures of different Kyrgyz and Soviet artists and also there is a room with Kyrgyz applied art. You can see different Kyrgyz carpets made of felt, silver decorations, etc.

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