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Places to visit » Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan » Issyk Ata

Issyk Ata, Kyrgyzstan

Issyk-Ata is situated 70 km from Bishkek. This is a gorge with hot springs in the Kyrgyz range. It takes an hour to drive there. It is a beautiful place to have a light trekking in mountains. You can go to a mountain waterfall that takes not much time. Also there is an open swimming pool with mineral hot springs. The condition of the pool is not on the high level, but the water has curative qualities for your health. That is why there is a health resort nearby. It is a famous places in Kyrgyzstan to go and to have a rest. You can swim there with a view on Tien Shan Mountains. You should take off your jewelry made of silver because it will look like gold after being in hot springs. It changes its color for 2 weeks and then become dark and useless any more.


The best time to go in Issyk Ata is summer, but actually if the weather is fine you can visit it even till the middle of October.

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