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Places to visit » Karakol » Dungan mosque

Dungan mosque, Kyrgyzstan

Dungan mosque is one of the most famous places in Karakol town. The most interesting thing is that it is built without a single nail. More than 100 years ago there was a Chinese master who lived in this town. At that time Kyrgyz were already Muslims but they did not have they own mosque. And they had to pray at home or in yurts. The master liked local people for their traditions and hospitality. That is why he decided to built a mosque for them.

Together with some Kyrgyz he built a mosque in Chinese style. The construction was made of bricks and wood. The wood sticks were curved in special way in order not to use any nails and to have a very stable building. The whole mosque is decorated with different ornaments made of wood.


The name of the mosque is Dungan Mosque. Dungans are people from china who had Muslim religion. These Chinese could not live properly in China because of their religion and they decided to live their motherland. Now they live all over the world and part of them live in Kyrgyzstan. Usually they prefer to live separately from other people. We have two big communities: one in Karakol town and another one on the southern shore of Issyk Kul Lake. Also there are some small communities near Bishkek city. These people are famous for they hard working character.

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