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Kyrgyz life


KYRGYZSTAN has many unusual things. And one of them is Kumis. Kumis is a very interesting and curing beverage!

The centuries-old heritage of nomadic culture, the national pride of Kyrgyz, the unique product on the curative properties, and also with specificity of the taste - is a national drink "kumis" that has no analogues in the world.


For many centuries the main food for Kyrgyz people was various sour-milk products.

The most favorite beverage of nomadic people from Kyrgyzstan is kumis. Kumis is fermented mare's milk. The kumis has a strong and bitter taste. This beverage is stored in jars made of animal skins - chinach. People used to live the fresh mare's milk for tour days in a warm place of the yurt to make it ferment. On the 3rd day, the milk is mixed with new milk, and then it is churned. It is beaten with a wooden stick, called bishkek, and becomes alcoholic.  You can drink kumis only during 3 days after its production. But now, in the Naryn region, with special
facility which was made, they began to produce the pasteurized kumis
which can be stored nearly a year.

A Kyrgyz man, to show this strength and courage usually takes the largest
crockery (a big leather jar for kumis) and drinks it in public.

It is approved that kumis has striking curative properties. Kumis promotes improvement of digestion, blood circulation, metabolism etc. And "kumis" is a result of huge diligence of our ancestors which succeeded in finding the technology of eternity.




There are many ancient petroglyphs in our celestial Kyrgyzstan.

Petroglyphs - are pictures drawn or entered into stones (from Greek language this word means "petros" - stone and "glyphe" -fretwork). Petroglyphs have different subject - matter: ritual, memorial. These drawings left for us on high rocks and in deep caves and can provide evidence of the way of life and the environment of times when there was no system of writing.


In the epoch of neolith people begin to image the primitive scene of tribe: hunting process, battle and shamanism ceremonies. These kinds of petroglyphs approximately dated to VI-IV centuries B.C.



Such pictures were made by ancient people and they show us their way of life. The main kind of petroglyphs was the symbol of the God of Sun. In this way ancient people asked the God of Sun for help and support.

There are images of animals especially ibex, wolves, horses, and less frequently camels, snow leopards and reindeers. Also you can see in Kyrgyzstan hunting and battle scenes, agriculture activities, traditional ritual dances and shamanist symbols.


On the pictures of first petrogliphs animal's tale always touches its head or goat's horns touché its back - it was also the symbol of sun.


Petroglyphs were drawn twice a year: In spring for good hunting and in autumn to help animals to have good generation for the next year.


During your travel in Kyrgyzstan you can look at petroglyphs in the Ferghana ang Issik-Kul region and at some of them near Burana Tower. Also a lot of petroglyphs you can see in Saimalu Tash and Ak-Chunkur. Saimaly Tash - layson the attitude of 3200 meters in Fergana. The name means "Patterned stone" and refers of the fact that there is a gallery of thousand of stone paintings which are lettered around the landscape. Another famous place is situated near Issyk Kul Lake. There are many petroglyphs that are situated on the origin places and there is a nice view on the surface of the lake.


Rivers are the Veins of the Earth

Kyrgyzstan is rich in water, which is stored in our mountains. Mountains take moisture from the sky and keep it in glaciers. There are about 40 000 rivers in Kyrgyzstan. All rivers together have a total length of around 150 000 kilometres, is 30 times more than the Kyrgyz border line or almost 4 times the length of the equator!

Our potential water power could supply England, France, Spain and Germany with electricity!

Also we have about 2000 lakes, with a total area of 6836 sq km. The most famous lakes are Issyk-Kul Lake, Song Kul Lake, Chatir Kul Lake and Merzbacher Lake.

Also we have about 8000 glaciers, which cover some 8100 square kilometres - about 30% of the total land area of the Kyrgyz Republic.

How did Silk Road appear?

In the 2nd century B.C. Fergana valley was famous for its celestial horses. These horses were fast and strong and could gallop without needing any rest, why they strongly demanded. Many centuries later, scientist proved that these horses were as strong as the old stories wanted people to believe. According to ancient documents the meat of such horses was sweet... But the sweetness did not come from the taste of the meat, but from the parasites that lived under their skin. They hurt horses all the time that is why the horses tried to ran as fast as possible to scratch themselves for ease.

There was a legend in China that if their imperator would ride such a horse - he would rule forever. One day the imperator sent his warriors to go and to find these horses. After two years, they returned with these horses and also with many interesting stories and findings. They told their imperator about the numerous tribes they had met and their traditions and customs, cultures, cities and people. The imperator was surprised that he knew so little about the outside world and sent another expedition abroad for 15 years, led by his best friend. After their return, they reported about many places as far as the amazing city of Rome, where they traded precious stones and had a beverage called wine. This impressed the imperator so much, that he decided to start trade with Rome. At that time, only the Chinese knew the secret of producing silk. And silk became the most important good of this ancient trade.

For many centuries the Great Silk Road connected a complex network of trade routes from Europe with Asia. It was a way to establish contact with the great civilizations of China, India, the Near East and Europe. Trade caravans, diplomatic missions, merchants representatives of religious circles, dervishes, warriors - millions people have passed on this road through time with nothing frightening these brave travelers, neither the difficult roads, nor the waterless deserts.

Tash Rabat - Stone Castle

Not far from China is another unique place - Tash Rabat that means Stone Castle.

It was a place for tired traders to have a rest and to have protection from robbers.

The caravanserai Tash Rabat is an architectural monument of the 14th century. It is built in a gorge at an altitude of 3200 m above sea level. More than half of it is directly built into the rock. The front of Tash Rabat has minaret-like columns. There is a long corridor inside. On which side it has doors to rooms. The thickness of walls is one meter. In total there are 31 rooms in Tash Rabat. And you can see there a special deep hall to keep prisoners.


To put on a horse

 "Atka mingizuu"

Nomads have many legends, myths, songs, stories and customs that are connected with Kambar-ata (spiritual patron of horses).One of them is a tradition "Atka mingizuu" that means "to put on a horse".

A father with proud put his son at the age of 3-4 years on a horse and gives him for the first time the rein. After this the most respectful aksakal (old wise man) takes reins and begins to lead the horse with the child along ail, Kyrgyz village.

It is considered, that in the future the son should substitute his father and he should be a good master in his house. In the honor of having this ritual parents organize a cheerful toi (celebration). Aksakals give their blessing to the child and explain him that from this moment he becomes a real horseman. In pass time it was one of the most important traditions in Kyrgyzstan.


Ritual of circumcision

"Sunnot toi"

One of the most important Muslim rituals is "balany oturguzuu" or ritual of circumcision.

It is a big celebration for Kyrgyz families. When a boy is 3-5 year old he must go through this ritual.

It is considered to be the most important and happiest event in the life of each boy. Relatives and friends are invited to the ceremony of circumcision. Sometimes the celebration with a lot of food lasts for several days; guests play national games such as ulak tartysh, at chabysh, er oodarysh, etc. Invited guests must bring gifts for the boy. The most valuable gift is a horse. Horses are considered to be very important for all people who live in Kyrgyzstan. Even nowadays when peole use cars - a horse is still one of the symbols of Kyrgyz nation.

Conduction of this ritual is a sacramental duty for Muslims.

A name for a child

"At kojuu"

People from Kyrgyzstan think that the future of a child in many cases depends on his name. That is why parents try to choose for their child such a name which would bring him happiness, luck, and honor. This tradition appeared when Kyrgyz adopted Muslim religion.

The beginning of ritual is accompanied by proclaiming of azan - when an honorable guest, turning to the west (exactly in this direction Muslim turn to Allah during the pray) and pronounces three times "Allah Akbar!" and than the name of the newborn child. It is done to inform people about new person that has come into our world. Execution of this ritual is entrusted to one of the most closest and respectable person.

The celebration goes very merrily. Gathered guests sincerely graduate parents and wish that the name will bring the child only happiness and luck.

Cradle celebration

"Beshik toi"

Birth of a child for Kyrgyz, like for the other nationalities of the world is real happiness and the greatest celebration. After giving name to a child there is a special tradition in Kyrgyzstan - "beshik toi" or cradle celebration. Many guests are invited to celebrate it. Parents prepare a lot of food. During the celebration people sing songs, play games and dance.

According to the tradition parents from the mother's side should prepare a bed for a cradle, as an obligatory attribute for the child. A cradle is spread with oil and smoked with juniper. Noble grandmothers take left and right alchiks (small bones of sheep) and lay them on the bottom of the cradle. Alchiks fall into kultuk (a hole on the bottom of cradle) and grandmothers say: "On bol" - be lucky. After this they say the following words: "Mother-cradle, keep tightly, mother Umai, give him health" Umai is a feminine mythical creature, who protects children.  Then they cover the cradle with different blankets and counterpanes. After this the cradle is given to the mother of the child. She goes with the cradle back and forward and at the same time she bows to all guests. Invited guests give their blessing to the mother and her child. A happy mother pronounces first lulling words: "Aldei-aldei ak bobok ak beshikke jat bobok" -   Oh baby, you are so sweet, sleep in cradle, my little child.



 "Bata beruu"

From ancient time Kyrgyz people valued the spiritual wishes - blessings. Blessing as you know encourage people and give them hope and energy. All children had to be blessed in Kyrgyzstan. Usually the infants and adolescents are blessed by respected people - wise aksakals or noble baibiche.

Blessings are given for good beginning of new affair or after eating. Also grandparents bless their children and grandchildren in order to give them wisdom and strong health.



Kyrgyzstan is an amazing mountain country with an unbelievable history!


Kyrgyz people were nomads during the past 3000 years, passing on all their traditions until the present day!!! The mountains are their home, where they travel from one grazing field to another. They only settled down in the 20 century, yet some of them still live in the mountains, following their traditional origin...


Nomads have special collapsible dwellings, known as yurts. They began to use them 2500 years ago. They have a unique structure and are built without a single nail. A yurt has a wooden skeleton that is covered with felt. A good master can produce a yurt within 25 days that will last for 40 years. It takes just an hour to erect or to collapse it. Nomads transfer it from one place to another with the help of three horses.


The nomads divide the interior into two basic parts. The left part belongs to the man, where he stores his weapon, saddles and horse-whips. On the right side, the woman keeps the household goods such as dishes, cups and cutlery as well as her belongings like dresses and jewelry. A wall made of reed separates the cooking area from the living room. There is a special place inside a yurt. In front of the door is tor. Tor is the most honorable place in a yurt. There are a lot of beautiful carpets and blankets. They are put on each other in the special order. People are not allowed to use them. Because it the sign of wealth.


Usually nomads lived in ails. Ail is a Kyrgyz word for villages. One such a village contained 80-100 yurts.

There are some ancient Chinese documents about wars with Kyrgyz Nomads. It is written that when they wanted to attack the Kyrgyz in the morning, they could not do it, because during the night the whole village just silently disappeared ...


Usually Kyrgyz nomads placed their yurts on high places in order to not only more easily look after their herds, but also to enjoy the unbelievable view.

Many of our tours offer you to enter the nomad's lives and spend some nights inside yurts.



Kyrgyz are ancient nomads, succeeded to preserve integrity of the culture and ethnic originality for many centuries.


The outstanding Russian scientist, specialist in Turkic philology academician Radlov was the first who wrote about Kyrgyz people in Russian language. His work was written in 1863, but still has great interests even nowadays. He presented his own impressions when he first time visited places where Kyrgyz people lived.

In 5th century Kyrgyz people lived along the bank of Yenisei River. At that time Kyrgyz were blond hair people with blue eyes. Because of this some scientist guessed that Kyrgyz were Indo-European originally. Later Kyrgyz lost their previous appearances as blond people with blue eyes probably because of Mongols people who had a high influence on all tribes in 13 century.



Kyrgyz people stayed as a warlike nation. For instance other nations could live separately. On the contrary Kyrgyz people located their yurts in one valley and made a line with big number of yurts. There were not yurts located separately. When enemy was appearing, thousands of Kyrgyz warriors were ready for fighting. The main reason why Kyrgyz survived was the way of their life - tribalism.


A usual ancient Kyrgyz was gloomy, severe and tough. At that time hospitality was sacred for them. They had a saying "a guest is sent from God. Even if he stays for a while, he will see a lot".


From the very childhood children were taught to be active and to be able to protect themselves. Laziness and idleness were blamed. Boys were taught to ride a horse from their early three or four years. It was very important for nomads. They lived on the territory of Kyrgyzstan and they had to travel from one place to another for many times during one year.


Rich person did not look differ from poor person as well as lord from servant. All of them had identical upbringing, level of maturity of mind, similar garments.  Rich people just had bigger yurts and more adornments on the garments.



The Kyrgyz people were nomads and their preferable but not the only activity was stock raising. They used stocks for several reasons. First of all it was their food. Kyrgyz usually eat meat of sheep, but on holidays and in cases of sacrificing they eat horses. Camels were also in their stocks, but there were few of them. Kyrgyz people had shoes made of camel skin and warm clothes were always made of its wool.


In summer nomads used to be in mountains and in winter they lived in valleys. More that 90% of Kyrgyzstan are mountains and they had a lot of space to live.

The day of going from one place to another was set by the Biy or Chief Manap and was divulged to the whole tribe. They had a saying "If one family stays, it will never find the tribe", that's why this days were never delayed accept the cases when someone in a tribe died. But anyway even this sometimes could not stop them, they could just take the body with them to bury it during some pause in their journey. After arriving to a new place, they were erecting their portable houses - yurts. It was a very comfortable dwelling. It took people only an hour to erect or collapse it. And they needed just three or four horses to take it to another place.



They are Muslim and they do not eat pork. Polygamy is a usual thing for them but their women do not close faces from men. They have natural abilities to music with vast numbers songs. A lot of their neighbor tribes were inviting them to different holidays. The main their occupation was stock-raising. They bred basically horses, camels, sheep, goats, and large horned livestock. The agriculture was for them on the second place.  In places of their being in winter on the lake Issik Kul they had small arable lands where workers lived and the basic part of people was wandering in mountains. Workers received a payment for the work with cattle instead of money. The received crop served as livelihood during winter time. They produced thick felt and made tissues from camel's wool. Kyrgyz people used to get all necessary goods by trade.  In exchange for sheep they could receive silk and cotton tissues, some clothes.





Principles of tribalism formed in the gregarious epoch of mankind. People had to survive in terrible conditions of life struggling with different threats, by uniting into collectives, based on blood relationship, clans. Some clans united in one area and formed a tribe.

The main nomadic activity in Kyrgyzstan is stock-breeding. This occupation of the Kyrgyz prevented from appearing agriculture and settled way of life and impeded to liberation from primitive classless society.

Self-organization of the Kyrgyz society on the principles of tribalism applied to every sphere of their life and principles and rules of tribalism made a foundation of organizing, administrative, breeding and legal activities.

Family or tutun ("smoke") was the basic part of the Kyrgyz society, the next is generation of the sons with the common ascendant or uulu. Their number varied from several yurts to several hundreds. Consolidation of several uulu formed uruk or clan of blood relatives with a common ascendant. And, finally, tribe or uruu formed with several uruk or clans.


Property belonged to whole clan and there were strict rules of using it. No one can borrow a pasture from an honored clan; one can ask a permission to be a neighbor of that clan. Having been refused there was nothing to do with it. Land didn't pass from father to a son as legacy - land division and using was subject to decision of authorities of ail (village). Tribe supervision was carrying out by ajo, manaps or biys. When nomads lived on Yenisei they called their leader adjo, then they began to call him biy. And in the 19th century biy was replaced by manap. Honorary title of manap was like Russian duke. They were the best people from commons, those who stood out, the bravest and wisest, who gathered the people and carried about them. This status did not pass from father to a son; man had to serve it with his acts - worrying about well-being of the tribe. All decisions of the authorities were based on adat, and there were strict system of punishments and fines for crimes. For instance, kun (payment for man killing) must be paid not only by murderer himself, but by his whole clan.  For example, for killing a man murder had to pay 300 horses, for killing a woman one had to pay 150 horses, for man's eye injuring- 150 horses and for woman's- 75 horses. And if person couldn't pay this penalty, all his clan had to pay it. All people of one tribe paid taxes without any arguing - they knew that the richer the tribe the more famous it will be. The taxes were taken for burials ceremonies, big holidays or to pay ransom for a bride. All of these examples show the importance of tribal traditions and existing of the tribe as one big family.

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"KYRGYZSTAN TRAVEL" consists of 7 parts:

Kyrgyzstan and it's History.  

At this part you will read about the whole history of Kyrgyzstan from the 8 century B.C. You will find many amassing facts that will make your travel much more interesting. 

Kyrgyzstan, Geography.

This part is devoted to geography of Kyrgyzstan. David Pay describes many places that are worth to be visited. Also you will find many important information about altitudes of Kyrgyzstan

Flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan.

Here is written many interesting articles about animal world of Kyrgyzstan. It will be very interesting to have all that inscriptions during your travel.

Travel in Kyrgyzstan.

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Kyrgyzstan: advices that can help to have an excellent travel.

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Trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan: Chui reguion

Trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan: Issyk Kul region

Trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan: Osh region

Trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan: Talas region

Trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan: Batken region

Trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan: Jalal Abad region

Trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan: Naryn region.


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Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan: Chui reguion

Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan: Issyk Kul region

Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan: Osh region

Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan: Talas region

Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan: Batken region

Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan: Jalal Abad region

Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan: Naryn region.


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Kyrgyzstan is an excellent place for trekking and Horse riding. If you travel in Kyrgyzstan even as a cultural tourist any way you can have at least a half day of trekking or horse riding.

From this book you will find out not only modern facts about life and travel in Kyrgyzstan but also facts from deep history. Kyrgyzstan is famous for its felt carpet. You can get information about the way of carpets production and the places where you can see it during your travel in Kyrgyzstan.


We recommend you to pay special attention on the following themes:


History of Kyrgyzstan - because the country played a big roll during Silk Road existing.


Geography of Kyrgyzstan - it will help you to be mobile during your travel.


People - we have different points of view according to many things.


Kyrgyz culture - Kyrgyzstan is a nomadic country with its unusual culture.


Religions of Kyrgyzstan - there is useful information about religions in Kyrgyzstan.


Arts - during your travel in Kyrgyzstan is worth to pay attention to local handicraft.


Governments in Politics - there are some good facts about this part of life in Kyrgyzstan.


 Facts for the Traveler - In this part you can find everything that you need for your travel 

in Kyrgyzstan. It has everything from getting in Kyrgyzstan till shopping on famous bazaars.


It is better to know more about Kyrgyzstan and its life because you will discover another world - the world of nomads. Our Kyrgyzstan is a celestial country. The main highlight of Kyrgyzstan is mountains! It is a breathtaking feeling to watch Tien Shan and Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan. That is why nomads decided to live in Kyrgyzstan many years ago. And they still love Kyrgyzstan and its rich pastures and clean Mountain Rivers. They live in mountains during summer and in autumn nomads go down in the valleys of Kyrgyzstan. 93% of Kyrgyzstan is mountains - and many of them saved its pristine nature. People who come in Kyrgyzstan for trekking or horse riding always come back one more time. They take with them in Kyrgyzstan their friends and relatives. And Kyrgyzstan always gives them what they need. Kyrgyzstan is an unknown land for many people. Many of them do not even know the right spelling of its name. Some people call this country as Kirgizstan, Kirgizistan, Kyrgizstan, Kirgyzstan, Kirgizi, Kirgiziya, Kirghizie, Kirghizstan, Kirghizistan, Kyrgyztan. The official translation of our country is actually Kyrgyzstan or Kyrgyz Republic. It is an excellent place to relax and to enjoy the nature. Kyrgyzstan is the paradise for photographs. You can find all kinds of lands shape in Kyrgyzstan. There are so many places in Kyrgyzstan that will surprise you by its beauty. The book has many photos of Kyrgyzstan but it is better to see everything with your own eyes. And you will remember Kyrgyzstan for a long time. The territory of Kyrgyzstan is not big but it has a lot of things to do there. Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you. And you will like Kyrgyzstan for its hospitality and deep traditions. People of Kyrgyzstan save their customs and during your travel you can find out them. Kyrgyzstan has unique culture and people. There are many tourists who come in Kyrgyzstan many times. And they say that Kyrgyzstan attracts them very much.


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