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Sparkling Faces

Sparkling Faces, Svetlana Keller.

  Liechtenstein Kinderschminken


Svetlana Keller Sparkling faces 9

Our country is the Motherland of the well-known artist Svetlana Keller. Svetlana Keller was born in the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek City. Now she lives in Liechtenstein. Svetlana Keller has a amazing family and all together with her husband and children they often visit Kyrgyzstan.

Svetlana Keller is famous for her talent to make pictures in different styles. Svetlana Keller is an artist and her main direction nowadays is to make all kinds of pictures on faces. You can see them below.

Svetlana Keller has a company. Its name is "Sparkling Faces". Today, "Sparkling Faces" becomes more and more popular. "Sparkling Faces" is even known far beyond the borders of Liechtenstein. Many people invite "Sparkling Faces" on birthday parties and Svetlana Keller does her best to make an unforgettable day for children and adults. Also, Svetlana Keller participates on the biggest events in her country.

If you wish to visit Svetlana Keller's website and to know more about "Sparkling Faces" - find it here:

You can read here about Kinderschminken, kinderschminken Schweiz and kinderschminken Liechtenstein.

Also you can call Svetlana Keller on: +423 373 10 49 +41 (0) 78 645 18 48 or write to her:

So, we are glad to let you know about Kinderschminken, kinderschminken Schweiz and kinderschminken Liechtenstein.  


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