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Travel company Kyrgyzstan 13

Travel Company: Trek 13
Action of tour: Trekking tour
Countryside: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 15 days

Day 1: Arrival at the airport "Manas". Transfer to Bishkek. After strengthening the breakfast we go to Kara Sai. We spent the day in Kara-Sai Village. Day is dedicated to familiarize themselves with local herders in the countryside and training of our horses on the road.
Day 2: In the morning we will have a trekking tour of 25-30km from Kara Sai Kyr-Tash Lake and camped there. Enjoy a delicious dinner and bedtime.
Day 3: After a good breakfast, trek from Kyrgyzstan Tash we go 25-30km across Besh Moinok Valley to open Yshtyk Canyon. We have established a base camp here. In the evening enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 4: Today we have a trekking tour freely without the chassis through Yshtyk Canyon, through the Canyon Baralbas Boz Jalpak valley and then back to our camp at Yshtyk Canyon.
Day 5: Today we have a tour round a total of 25-30km headed Yshtyk Canyon to visit the shelter shepherd for food, and then in the afternoon to the next camp in the Kyr-Tash valley. Lunch is organized on the road. Enjoy a delicious dinner and bedtime.
Day 6: Trek from Kyr-Tash we trekking 25-30km across the Kara Sai River, on the Ak-Bel and in our camp along the river Taragay.
Day 7: We will trekking 25-30km passing Ara White Lake Mai through Tor valley Jashyl Kol lake.
Day 8: We rekking Tour 25-30km up Juuku Pass (3663m), passing through the charming mountain lake. We camped in the Chon-Tash "Big Stone" in Juuku Valley. In the evening enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 9: After a good breakfast, trekking 25-30km on Juuku River and the confluence Juuku and Clover Suu rivers. Here we spend time with the shepherds in their yurts.
Day 10: In the morning we will have a trekking tour of 25-30 miles down the valley Juuku Jyluu soo hot springs where we can enjoy the natural hot spring bath. Lunch is organized on the road. Enjoy a delicious dinner and bedtime.
Day 11: After a delicious breakfast we start our trek to Jyluu soo we go 25-30km Chychkan Bashi through the valley of Kyzyl-Sai valley and Bulak Bash with stunning views of Lake Issyk-Kul on the road. Camp on Bel Kok.
Day 12: In the morning we trekking 25-30km to Kok Belle at our next camp at Ak-Terek valley. Enjoy a delicious dinner and bedtime.
Day 13: Today our trekking tour for free, without transmission across the Ak-Terek, and to Mongu glacier, then loop back to our base camp at Ak-Terek. In the evening enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in tents.
Day 14: After a good breakfast, trekking 25-30km Kok Bulak Kindik through the valley and the river the Kichi Jargylchak. Enjoy a delicious dinner and bedtime.
Day 15: In the morning we will ride through the Sary Bulak and Chong Jargylchak rivers back into the Barskoon, where a hot bath. In the evening enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in a private home waiting.

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Trekking tour: TR - 01

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Places to visit: Bishkek city - Chon Kemin valley -  Tamga - Jukku gorge - pass Jukku - Ak-Shirak - Ashu-Tor gorge - Chon Kyzyl Suu gorge. 

Duration: 11 days

Trekking tour: TR - 02 

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Places to visit: Bishkek city - Chon Kemin valley -  Chong Kyzyl Suu gorge - Jukutchak gorge - pass Jukka - Chokoli Lakes - Syrthe Ak-Shirak - Barskaun gorge.

Duration: 7 days

Trekking tour: TR - 03

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Places to visit: Bishkek city - Tamga -  Jety Oguz - Tilety pass - Karakol national park- Karakol - Bishkek

Duration of the tour: 8 days

Kyrgyzstan biking: Tour 03

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Bike tour

Duration of the tour: 11 days

The celestial mountains of Kyrgyzstan have lots of roads, which are just right for the biking tours. You will see our amazing nature and mountain lakes that are situated in the hidden places of Kyrgyzstan. You will be shocked by the quantity of incredible panorama views and you will never forget this tour. There are almost no people and you can visit the world's most untouched places. Kyrgyzstan is the finest place to have a cycle tour! 

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Dzhylangach river - Kichi-Naryn - Naryn town - Tash Rabat caravanserai - Moldo village - Son Kul lake - Bishkek city                                                                                                              


Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek
From the International Airport of Manas you will be collected by your guide and accompanied to the capital of Kyrgyz Republic - Bishkek City. Transfer from the Airport to Bishkek takes half an hour. On arrival in the city you will start the day with a breakfast. You will have a rest after accommodation in the hotel*** that is located in the calm part of the city. Today an excursion will be organized for you to Ala - Archa Natural Park, which is situated 45 km. south Bishkek, on the Kyrgyz ridge (a spur of Tien - Shan), in the Ala - Archa gorge. In order to observe this famous gorge you will go on the top of the mountain. Transfer to Bishkek. Dinner will be served at 7 o'clock in the evening. Overnight stay is in the hotel***.

Day 2: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Dzhylangach river
Today you will be transferred (200 km) from Bishkek to Chon Kemin valley by car. En route we will visit the Burana Tower - minaret from the 11th century and an open air Balbans museum (stone warriors).  The first part of the road is along the Kyrgyz range that has many remarkable gorges that attract lots of people. From the road we will have wonderful views of the snowy peaks. After visiting Burana Tower Complex we will go to the River of Dzhylangach. Afterwards we will ride for about 40 km. Overnight stay is in the tent camp.

Day 3: Ride (58 km) Dzhylangach - Kichi-Naryn
This day is easy one. We will ride by the dirt road along the Balgart and Kichi-Naryn Rivers. We will spend this night near the Kichi - Naryn River in tents in the forest. Since ancient times this area is popular among the Kyrgyz nomads. Shepherds with all their relatives were coming to this region. As a big family all of them were going from one place to another one with a great amount of livestock. The Kyrgyz nomads like to meet travelers and are very hospitable. Some Kyrgyz tribes could comprise 1000 yurts and even more!

Day 4: Ride (63 km) Kichi-Naryn - Naryn town
Breakfast. After that we will ride down to the Village of Kichi-Naryn (2351m. alt.). It is located 4 km away from the confluence of Naryn and Kichi-Naryn Rivers. To the town of Naryn (2050 m. alt.) you will ride along Naryn River. The whole way will be along incredible gorges and you will have many photo stops! This day is easy one. Lunch will be on the road. The road to Naryn will surprise you by its beauty and amazing mountains. Riding is by the main road.  Naryn town is situated 2800 meters a. s. l. and it has mountains very close to the town. It was built right along the gorge near the longest river in Kyrgyzstan - Naryn; it is narrow long town.  You spend this night in yurts, as nomads.

Day 5: Transfer or Ride Naryn - Tash Rabat caravanserai (Stone Castle) (130 km)
This day you can ride or drive, as you want, from Naryn town to the Great Silk Way Tash Rabat Caravanserai. Tash Rabat is located at a height 3200 m above sea level, in the very heart of Tian - Shan Mountains. The building has no analogue in the world, for the reason that it was made of stones and moreover it was built partly inside the mountain. According to the opinion of scholars, the construction of Tash - Rabat refers to the 14th century A. D. Totally there are 31 rooms that are joined with mazes. There are also dungeons for medieval thieves.  The width of walls is about 1 meter. This night you will spend nearby Tash Rabat in yurts. Yurts are collapsible nomadic dwellings. They are made out of wood without using a single nail and felt.

Day 6: Ride (86 km) Tash Rabat - Moldo village
You will ride from Tash Rabat to Moldo village in the morning after packing your backpacks. At the time of Great Silk Way this way was used by ancient merchants. Thousand of traders on camels and horses were passing there with their goods from China. It is a nice chance to feel that you ride along the same way!  This is temperate difficulty ride by the asphalt road along Naryn Valley. Night is in the tent camp (alt.1670m. a. s. l.).

Day 7: Moldo village - Son Kul Lake
Breakfast. This day you can cycle or be transferred (60 km) from Moldo village over the Kurtka Pass (3243m. alt.) to the 2nd biggest lake in Kyrgyz Republic - Son Kul. Son Kul Lake the highest alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan, situated at an altitude of 3016 meters above sea level, it is surrounded by the mountains. Shepherds of the Naryn region come to the lake to use it as grassland.  The Kyrgyz nomads started to come to this wonderful area with their families for relaxation and rest. The first part of ride to the gorge entrance is with a slight descent, but easy. We will enter a narrow gorge with high sharp rock walls, in some places up to 200 meters through a narrow spot. A steep ascent to the pass begins here. The descent is easier and shorter. You will be free to explore and enjoy the virgin nature of the lake and its environs upon our arrival. Dinner. Overnight stay (3016 m. alt.) is in nomadic collapsible dwellings - yurts.

Day 8: Son Kul Lake
Today you will have an excellent chance to explore Kyrgyz nature and the lifestyle of the local nomads on your own. On a horse you can ride along the lake or just relax in the atmosphere of the wild and calm nature. It is a great opportunity to familiarize with nomadic mores and customs. We will walk among the Tian-Shan Mountains, where every nomad invites you to his yurt to try a piece of bread and national sacred drink made of mare's milk - kymis. You will this night spend in tents.

Day 9:
Transfer to Bishkek city
We will drive in the morning to Bishkek city. You will be carried away by the remarkable surroundings offered through untouched nature views. You will have free time in the city to go for shopping and to walk. At 7 o'clock in the evening you will have a dinner in a restaurant. You will spend this night in the hotel***.

Day 10: Bishkek
This morning starts with city tour. This tour includes the visiting of many interesting places, such as: National philharmonic, Ala-Too Central Square, the History Museum, Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Art Gallery, Pobeda Square (Victory Square). Then we will visit famous Osh Bazaar. You will walk there and bargain for different goods. At 7 o'clock in the evening a farewell dinner will be served. Overnight stay is in the hotel***.

Day 11: Transfer to the airport
At the time arranged beforehand according to your flight details your guide will collect you from your hotel and accompany you to the Airport of Manas.



Tour: Celestial Mountains

Duration: 18 days

Do you want to have biking in celestial mountains and to visit at the same time many interesting places? So, we are ready to organize a cycling tour for you! You will enjoy your being in Kyrgyzstan because our country is an outstanding place for cycling! We have a great verity of landscapes and you will be surprised by quickly changeable views on your way!

It is not just riding a bike along our amazing mountains but also a real chance to get acquainted with nomadic lifestyle, traditions and customs! You will find out many incredible facts about Kyrgyz people and visit the best places of Kyrgyzstan as:

Issyk Kul Lake - the second largest mountain lake in the world!
Burana Tower - built in 11 century by Karahanids.
Stone warriors Balbals - statures made in 7 century for brave warriors!
Son Kul Lake - a hidden lake in the mountains where real nomads live!
Kochkor museum - a home museum with examples of national Kyrgyz handicraft!
Tash Rabat Caravanserai - Stone Castle from the 14th century.
Mountains, Mountains, Mountains - amazing nature of Kyrgyzstan will surprise you!

Also we paid special attention on meeting with local people. During the tour you will have a chance to communicate with Kyrgyz people that live in far small villages and even in yurts! At this place you will have an opportunity to try our famous national drink Kumis - it is fermented mare's milk! Also when you are in Kochkor village you will see the way our national felt carpets are produced - and you will even participate in it! According to the program we included for you some nights in yurts to let you feel as if you are a real nomad! This tour has such places as bazaars where it still possible to bargain for goods and that is very colorful and bright. On the way you will spend some nights with local people in home stays to find out more about us. In this tour we included even visiting places with 2000 old stone patterns that were made for Gods. And of course you will meet real nomads in the mountains!!!

Our company has a long experience and that is why our prices are the best in Kyrgyzstan!

I hope you will like the tour and then we will meet you soon here!


Also you can have a look at other biking tours:

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Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Bike tour

Duration of the tour: 8 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Kayindi village - Keuk-Ayrik pass - Chon Sary Oi village - Tamchi village - Kochkor - Sarybulak - Jalpak pass - Bishkek city

For those travelers, who want to cycle in the country of heavenly mountains and to visit at the same time many places of interest, we are ready to arrange a cycling tour. We have a great verity of landscapes and you will be astonished with swiftly changeable views on your way! You will take pleasure in being in Kyrgyz Republic for the reason that our country is a wonderful place for cycling. Read the tour…

Kyrgyzstan biking: Tour 02

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Bike tour

Duration of the tour: 12 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Kochkor - Sarybulak - Kichi-Naryn - Naryn town - Son Kul lake - Kyzyl Korgon canyon - Kyrk-Kyz pass - Ter Jailak pass - Toluk village - Toktogul village - Bishkek city

If you want to explore really wild places, we want to present you a biking tour that takes place in the mountains of celestial Kyrgyz Republic. It is an ideal opportunity to feel the nature, because you will ride your bike in places that are so distant from civilization. The way will be passing through untouched mountain gorges where it is still possible to meet genuine nomads. You will see yurts - nomadic felt dwellings, on the way. The owners of these mountain house will invite you for a cup of tea or kymis  (traditional Kyrgyz drink). Read the tour…

Kyrgyzstan biking: Tour 03

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Bike tour

Duration of the tour: 11 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Dzhylangach river - Kichi-Naryn - Naryn town - Tash Rabat caravanserai - Moldo village - Son Kul lake - Bishkek city

The celestial mountains of Kyrgyzstan have lots of roads, which are just right for the biking tours. You will see our amazing nature and mountain lakes that are situated in the hidden places of Kyrgyzstan. You will be shocked by the quantity of incredible panorama views and you will never forget this tour.  here are almost no people and you can visit the world's most untouched places. Kyrgyzstan is the finest place to have a cycle tour! Read the tour…

Travel Company Kyrgyzstan: Trek 01 

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Travel Company Kyrgyzstan: Trek 03 

Travel Company Kyrgyzstan: Trek 04 

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We want you to enjoy traveling in Kyrgyzstan that is why here is a book that will help you to do that. We recommend you to read it and it will help you to find out everything about Kyrgyzstan and nomad's way of life.

The book written by Michael Linder got the name "Kyrgyzstan" and became very popular among travelers.

"Kyrgyzstan" guide book contains all necessary information about that country but it doesn't consist only of general information.

Kyrgyzstan is a country not only for cultural tourists but also for people who like trekking and horse riding. In the book you will find very useful information about different gorges and passes, about the transportation and accommodation in different places.

Kyrgyzstan is the country where nomads had been living for many centuries and even now you can meet many shepherds who still breed and graze cattle in the mountains and live in Kyrgyz felt dwelling called yurt. Also you will read about festivals and holidays in Kyrgyzstan. There are some ancient holidays that people still celebrate in our celestial country. "Kyrgyzstan" has detailed information about visas for visiting Kyrgyzstan. You can find out about organized tours and independent travel in Kyrgyzstan. Travel in Kyrgyzstan is not a difficult thing. If you are interested in activities in Kyrgyzstan and its regions - that book will give you many good advices!

This guide book will help to find answers on all your questions about this country. How to get visa ,what currency people do use here, where to stay, is it cold or warm in Kyrgyzstan, where to go shopping and where to go to have dinner. All this information is included in this book. You can even find out about Kyrgyzstan visa. All parts of KYRGYZSTAN are given in details. You can read not only about the cities but also about their small parts that are worth to be visited. Kyrgyzstan has many museums. You can see short inscriptions about them and decide to go there or not. If you are going to visit Kyrgyzstan you will need some information about Kyrgyz customs in order to have at least a general idea about life here.

Kyrgyz land is the land where you can have an excellent trekking tour or horseback riding tour, even if you have a cultural tour it is possible to include short hiking trip or horseback riding one.

This book provides information about history of Kyrgyz, culture traditions and handicraft; all these parts are described in details.

Facts for the Traveler - This part of the book will give necessary information to travel in Kyrgyzstan. It has everything from getting in Kyrgyzstan till shopping on famous bazaars.

We invite to have a tour to Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Our travel company will prepare pleasant tours in Tajikistan, well-known tours in Uzbekistan, most excellent tours in Turkmenistan and astonishing tours Kazakhstan. It is the chance for having trekking in Tajikistan, trekking in Kazakhstan. We can offer you horse riding tours in Kazakhstan and horse riding tours in Tajikistan. Choose any Silk Road tour we have.  

It is better to know more about Kyrgyzstan and its life because you will discover another world - the world of nomads. Our Kyrgyzstan is a celestial country. The main highlight of Kyrgyzstan is mountains! It is a breathtaking feeling to watch Tien Shan and Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan. 93% of Kyrgyzstan is mountains - and many of them saved its pristine nature. That is why nomads decided to live in Kyrgyzstan many years ago. And they still love Kyrgyzstan and its rich pastures and clean Mountain Rivers. They live in mountains during summer and in autumn nomads go down in the valleys of Kyrgyzstan. Tourists who have come here once always try to come back again here with more and more friends. It is an excellent place to relax and to enjoy the nature. Kyrgyzstan is the paradise for photographs. You can find all kinds of lands shape in Kyrgyzstan. There are so many places in Kyrgyzstan that will surprise you by its beauty. The book has many photos of Kyrgyzstan but it is better to see everything with your own eyes. This adventure in Kyrgyzstan you will remember the rest of your life. Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you. Don't be surprised Kyrgyz hospitality it will be another one reason to come here for the third and fourth time. People of Kyrgyzstan save their customs and during your travel you can find out them. Kyrgyzstan has unique culture and people. There are many tourists who come in Kyrgyzstan many times. And they say that Kyrgyzstan attracts them very much.

Here is a new guide book written by David Peytray and called "Kyrgyzstan Travel". Our travel company suggests you to look through it as this guide book becomes more and more popular among travelers. Kyrgyzstan is described in many details in this book. It describes the best highlights of Kyrgyzstan. If you have such a book you will find out many amazing thing about Kyrgyzstan and nomads. Kyrgyzstan has very interesting history of its development going back to ancient time. Nomads used to live here for many centuries and they practiced completely different traditions and customs. Some of them can really surprise you. Kyrgyz people live in mountains and that is why they have their own culture. Kyrgyzstan is a country of gorgeous mountains and azure lakes; that is why this guide book can give you many important details about trekking in Kyrgyzstan. Our country has many fantastic places for trekking tours. These tours become more and more popular all over the world. People from the whole world come to here to go trekking. They are of different ages and physical shape and you can choose a light trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan or to have a very difficult one. Kyrgyzstan has many gorges for trekking tours. These gorges are without people. There are many hidden places where you will get an opportunity to get full relaxation far away from daily problems. You will have a trekking tour along mountain gorges of Kyrgyzstan. During your trekking tour you will meet some nomads in Kyrgyzstan. They still prefer to live in mountains. And you even spend a night in their dwellings yurts. Kyrgyz are considered to be the most hospitable people and they like to see different people in Kyrgyzstan especially who have trek here. Usually they offer you to spend some time with them and to have a rest after trekking. Nomads can give you some national food and drinks and it will make your trekking in Kyrgyzstan an unforgettable one. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is a perfect chance to have nice time with nature. During your trekking tour you will visit the most beautiful places and stunning gorges of Kyrgyzstan. They are really good to have trekking tours. You will have trekking tour in celestial mountains where there are no other people beside nomads. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is famous for its wild way and for its indescribable beauty. During trekking tour you can enjoy amazing views and to have trekking in really remote places. It is safe to go trekking in Kyrgyzstan; locals like to invite people to spend some time with them. Trekking in Tien Shan Mountain will give you the opportunity to reveal real Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan of nomads and their century traditions! If you go for trekking in Kyrgyzstan we advice you to take with you your equipment in order not loose time looking for rent. Kyrgyzstan is the best country to be in harmony with nature and to have cherished vocation in a company of your family or friends. The author says that it is better to have trekking tour with a help of Travel Company. In this way you will save up much time for trekking itself. Kyrgyzstan is open for tourists who want to go trekking tours and you are always welcome there. The best places for trekking in Kyrgyzstan are Terskey Mountains on the south shore of the Issyk Kul Lake. This guide book also provides many other routes that you can choose to travel here. Actually it is quite possible to have trekking alone but anyway it is better to have an experienced guide with you. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is good chance to have gorgeous vocations and to see many fantastic places! Trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan are popular among people of all ages and health conditions. There are two things you need to travel here; good mood and great desire to discover world.

Kyrgyzstan has many kinds of tours for tourists as trekking, horse riding, biking, bird watching, etc.

There are some tours that we can suggest you for trekking in Kyrgyzstan:

Kyrgyzstan trekking: Tour 01
Kyrgyzstan trekking: Tour 02
Kyrgyzstan trekking: Tour 03
Kyrgyzstan trekking: Tour 04
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: Tour 06
Kyrgyzstan trekking: Tour 07

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